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IBESC, wine group, sundance, thorntree wines, oldl well house, capemist, tinttoIBESC Wine Group has been developed with the aim of providing market leaders in the wine industry with exciting wine brands from New World producing regions. Our brand creation philosophy centers around achieving the right balance of the Four P?s of Marketing Success: 1) Packaging, 2) Price/Quality Ratio, 3) Profitability and 4) Price-Point. We believe that only with the harmonious balance of those four key components can a brand achieve and maintain consumer acceptance; enjoying solid pull-through and repeat customers.

We work closely with our wineries to ensure product quality continuity as well as optimum flavor profiles matching our intended consumer demographic for each of our brands.

From our temperature controlled US Customs Bonded facilities in our Miami headquarters we service, among other things, much of the wine purveyance contracts to various passenger cruise lines such as: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Discovery Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, etc.
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